You’re Beautiful the Way You Are!

flower for article 1We are bombarded daily from all sectors of the media that we need to change or enhance ourselves in one way or another.  Self improvement is something we can all benefit from.  When does it become unhealthy, counter-productive, and just plain unnecessary?

We’ve heard about the women who are addicted to plastic surgery, which in many cases, winds up as an eventual disaster.  We hear about and most likely know someone who is suffering from anorexia or bulimia.  We know they’re beautiful as they are.  Unfortunately either via messages they’ve received from others, or something within, makes them perceive themselves as inadequate.  How many beautiful people have died from not believing that they’re beautiful the way they are?

The discussion about being beautiful the way you are, came to light in meetings we held with our distribution partners in the US, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.  Our discussions centered on the use of skin care products, their benefits, and the mindset of our worldwide customer base.  We found that by region and indeed by culture, the use of skin care products varied greatly. In the US, women desired any anti-aging product that would reduce wrinkles, smooth lines, and hydrate the skin. In Latin America, women embraced their lines more as a sign of beauty, but desired products that deeply hydrated their skin. Even though skin might age, they felt beautiful with their skin as long as it was soft. The women of the Middle East were concerned with maintaining soft hydrated skin.  Even more crucial was their desire to lighten areas of the skin such as under their arms, neck, and face.  What was shocking to us in Asia, was not the usual fight young women have with acne, that’s a given no matter where you live.  It was the application of our Dark Spot’s & Skin Lightening Cream.  We found that a great number of young women throughout Asia, have been using our Dark Spot’s & Skin Lightening Cream to lighten their areolas.  Within the Asian culture, young women feel that a lightened areola is more attractive. To achieve lightened results, young women were willing to pay and do whatever it costs.


As an executive with the health care industry, we see many things ordinary and out of the ordinary. We are constantly asked to create products that may sound good in the initial thought process, but upon reflection, require ingredients that are unhealthy, as well as a waste of money for the eventual consumer. We respect and embrace the desire of women and indeed men to look and feel the best they can.  We implore each and every person, to take the time to embrace themselves as they are.  Realize you’re beautiful as you are.  When you live your life in that fashion; your choices of product, their application and possible necessity, will be much more clear and reasonable.


Remember, you’re beautiful the way you are.


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