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Clear Beauty™ Hydration Plus Night Cream (60 ml.)

The most important way to keep your skin soft, smooth and youthful-looking is through adequate hydration (moisturization).  Without proper hydration, wrinkles soon develop and your skin will lose its elasticity and radiant glow.  One of the best times to rejuvenate dry, tired skin is during the night while you are resting. Ultra-rich Clear Beauty™ Hydration Plus Night Cream has been purposely designed with this important goal in mind.


Clear Beauty™ Hydration Plus Night Cream contains the same great “active” ingredients as our wonderful Clear Beauty™ Hydration Plus Day Cream.  The night formula has been fortified with extra Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter and natural oils to help replenish the skin’s essential youth factors that could be diminished during a hard day at work or play.

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