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Pure Science Intimate Support for Women™

Pure Science Intimate Support for Women™ (60 ct) is a doctor formulated, clinically developed patented formula, designed as a daily supplement for women of all ages, to support female sexual pleasure.

In today's world, stress, medicines, diet and a host of other factors can impact both desire and sexual pleasure. Pure Science Intimate Support for Women™ helps support our ability to enjoy those special tender moments with that special someone.

In addition to sexual support, Pure Science Intimate Support for Women™ contains key ingredients to help reduce the symptoms and affects of menopause.

Chaste Berry: Increases libido and promotes balance in the menstrual cycle and a healthy urinary tract.**

Hawthorn Berry: Reduces water retention by expelling excess salt from the body, as well as helping to alleviate nervous tension, insomnia and helping to aid digestion.*

Goldenseal: Helps alleviate uterine cramps and post menopausal vaginal irritation and inflamation.**

Zizyphi Fructus (Jujube Dates): Helps support the increase of Nitric Oxide levels, which are responsible for increasing blood flow to reproductive organs.**

Isoflavones: Excellent source for Phytoestrogens, which mimic Steroidal Estrogens. Diminished estrogen is a key factor in reduced function and libido.**

Contains key support ingredients such as Zizyphi Frutus, Kudzu Root, L-Arginine, Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorne Berry, Goldenseal, Chaste Berry, Cnidium Monniera Seed and Angelica Pubescens Root.

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