Introducing Pure Science International Blog

Steve Beldner

Steve Beldner

Hello, I’m Steve Beldner,  President & CEO of Pure Science International, Inc.

My team and I at Pure Science International are proud to introduce this blog as a way to connect with our present and future customers.

I have have more than 25 years of experience within the health care industry both in the United States and in the international sector.  I am also an adviser to numerous international Ministries of Health in such areas as product application, safety, research, development and product efficacy, in such key product categories as nutritional supplements and skincare.

During the last few months we have been concentrating our efforts on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and getting our website more functional and easy to use.

We have finally decided to add this blog as our voice to the world. We plan to have some great articles and advise over the next few months including skin care tips, exclusive deals and sales, new product announcements, and news.  With that in mind, bookmark this page and stay tuned…



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