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Clear Beauty™ Le Body Créme

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Our Clear Beauty™ Classic Collection body creams are in a league of their own. There is not any product that can exceed or rival what we have to offer. It is our mission to make a luxury product that utilizes clinically proven ingredients that do what they say they will. If our product doesn’t greatly enhance, help or solve a skin issues, we will not be making it.  Our emphasis is on quality ingredients and on formulations with the goal to never use ingredients that are clinically proven to be an irritant to the skin.

Clear Beauty™ Classic Collection body creams are:

There is not a competitor that can provide the user as complete of a product that will benefit as much, all the while being perceived as a luxe product. The benefits of our products are amazing. We don’t focus on a single ingredient to achieve great skin care because it isn’t as simple as that. Even when you greatly highlight specific ingredients for results and marketing there must be the supporting cast of ingredients to aid in the overall success of the end result. We do that better than any company, anywhere. We have a state of the art lab, manufacturing capabilities and packaging with proven records of success as top tier in their field.    

Clear Beauty™ Classic Collection body creams are designed to be luxurious. Let our body creams enrich, moisturize, sooth, soften and renew your skin with the finest ingredients that are clinically proven and result driven. Let our Clear Beauty™ Classic Collection body creams help you to love your skin and your skin will love you in return.

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