Healthy Dating After 50


Most of us who find ourselves dating after the age of 50, have probably said to themselves more than once, “How did this happen?” or “How did I get here?”  Well, for most of us, life threw us a curve, such as a divorce, or the loss of our loved.  Whatever the cause, the A couple sitting on rocksfeelings are the same.  Anger,  loss,  regret, the unfairness of it all, why me; and so much more.  Why do I bring this up?  Well before you can move on and have joy in your life, you must deal with and release these feelings, either by seeing a therapist, opening up to friends, self realization, changing how you view life and how you deal with challenges, and other self enhancing methods.  If you decide to do nothing, then you will carry those negative feelings with you into your next relationship and for the rest of your life.


If you have done all of the healthy things, mind wise and health wise, to be in a position that you not only like yourself, but you love the person you are,  you are at a point that you Continue reading

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Why Should I Detoxify My Body?

DetoxificationThe premise of most detoxification products, are formulated to help support the body release harmful toxins from vital organs and internal body systems; and naturally detoxify itself and help promote regular bowel movements. These products are designed to cleanse the body of toxins caused by a person’s diet, environment, and/or overall heath. The goal of a good natural detoxification product is to help the body reach a positive level of overall well being.

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Skin Care

Skin Care

Maintaining and Nourishing Your Skin

A Dogwood BlossomWe can all agree that an individual’s skin is the mirror to their inner health.  The toxins and imbalances within the body are reflected on one’s skin.  Doctors and researchers have concluded that by attacking the imbalances within the body that impact both inner and outer health, with the help of vitamins and nutrition, a healthier complexion and a happier you will appear.  Numerous studies have shown that products that are designed to help boost your immune system will result in a healthier and nourished you.

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You’re Beautiful the Way You Are!

flower for article 1We are bombarded daily from all sectors of the media that we need to change or enhance ourselves in one way or another.  Self improvement is something we can all benefit from.  When does it become unhealthy, counter-productive, and just plain unnecessary? Continue reading

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Introducing Pure Science International Blog

Steve Beldner

Steve Beldner

Hello, I’m Steve Beldner,  President & CEO of Pure Science International, Inc.

My team and I at Pure Science International are proud to introduce this blog as a way to connect with our present and future customers.

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