The Pinocchio Effect on Healthy Dating

couple walkingOne would think that through the lessons taught in the children’s fairytale, Pinocchio, we would have learned the consequences that can impact others and ourselves by not being truthful.  All one has to do is to compare the personal profiles of the majority of those who post on online dating sites, to the actual person.  The reality is mind boggling, sometimes funny, and all too often, very sad.  Is it self-confidence?  Is it a lie to garner attention, hoping when they meet a potential mate it will just somehow be all right?  Aside from the whackos and charlatans that from time to time are on these sites, I believe the majority of those who have stretched the truth about themselves write what they would like to be rather than who they really are. 

For those, especially over 50 who are stretching the truth, the most common acts are misstating their age, posting old photos, or claiming they enjoy doing a particular activity, that in truth, they most likely haven’t done in 20 years or more, if ever.  One of the most common lies is when people say, “I have no baggage.”  If you have lived any semblance of a life, you have baggage.  Of course, it’s how one addresses their baggage that speaks to the type of person they are, but that said, by not being truthful about the baggage or challenges we carry within ourselves we are limiting the chances of having solid relationships.

To have a successful dating online experience we have to be honest with ourselves and with others.  Stop the Pinocchio antics!  Have the confidence that who you really are is a great catch.  If you don’t like the photos you have to post, take new ones.  If you don’t like the way you may look in terms of grooming or health wise, do what it takes to improve yourself.  Invest in some skin care products that will nourish your skin and in turn, enhance your confidence about how you look to yourself and to others.   Take the time to find your passion and do it instead of just checking it off on the dating site’s activity list. When you are truly honest with yourself and others you will feel energized. Being real and open will allow you to find true love, passion and most importantly, find the magnificent person that is truly you.

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