Why use Natural Remedies to Help with Joint and Muscle Discomfort?

Natural arthritis remedies have been around for thousands of years. Long before the latest “best” over the counter “Nopain-atol” drugs that have shown time and again to do long-term damage to your body.

Dealing with daily pain in your joints or back really wears you down. It’s not only the pain itself, but the limitations on the activities you once used to enjoy.

Feeling old and worn out by your mid-forties is not normal in any sense, though it has become the norm with all the old sports injuries and damage done back when we were as young as we feel on the inside.

The norm now in the western world seems to get yourself on any number of chemical medications for conditions they didn’t even have names for when you were younger.

Facing the prospect of the lesser of two evils does not make you feel any better about your body. The doctor tells you that you can choose to deal with that nagging back pain that has persisted since your late 20’s. Or you can pop pills daily that might make the symptoms go away. If you aren’t bothered by the prospect of potentially harming your liver in the process.

This isn’t really a great set of choices.

Maybe after some prodding and whining while still in his office, the doctor might half-heartedly suggest that many people have success with natural arthritis remedies. Along with exercise and stretching, they sometimes suggest that you look into herbal supplements that many of his patients have been pleased with in the past.

While doctors often don’t seem to fully support the idea, they are usually at a loss for further treatment options.

Your constantly-sore back might not be bad enough that any kind of surgery is going to fix it, and there are no miracle drugs that will heal the arthritic pain that keeps you from being as active as you were in your younger days.

While you toss and turn for hours one night due to your inability to even lie down comfortably for long periods of time, you get out of bed to start digging around on the internet for solutions.

It seemed the doctor was right about taking even mild chemical pain killers. They tend to cause liver damage over time. Especially at the rate you’ve been taking them.

That is definitely not a good long-term solution.

You see there seems to be a considerable amount of people making claims ranging from little effect to complete miracle cures and full recoveries.

Skeptic that you are, you lean toward the middle ground on those claims and dug into further research on the subject of natural arthritis remedies that might actually help the frustrating condition of your body.

Plant-based products using only natural ingredients is a huge factor in going with a product you might want to take every day. There seems to be no downside so long as it works.

Arthri-Support from Pure Science International is made only from juniper, goldenrod, dandelion, meadowsweet, and willow bark. All-natural vegetarian ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to reduce or eliminate inflammation and allow your body to heal.

If you are looking for a better way to manage the joint and muscle discomfort of your youth with a natural joint and muscle support product, give the Arthri-Support a try. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!




Pure Science International sells a small range of quality-tested and controlled health products for general and specific health care needs.

Pure Science International’s dietary supplements are regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, as well as health and safety laws within each of the 40+ countries where Pure Science International products are sold and distributed.

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